How to use this website

This site shows articles about COVID-19, which were crawled from official websites and news sites around the world. Articles are grouped by regions and categories.

1. Category view

By default, you can choose one of the categories like "Current state of infection", "Prevention and mitigation measures" with the tabs above. Articles are categorized automatically at first, then sequentially verified manually. In addition, articles are evaluated and tagged as positive.

category view
2. Region view

Clicking on a region name will switch to a region-by-region view. In this view, you can list all categories of articles for the region.

region view
  • Featured news (HOT NEWS): An article automatically judged to be positive by sentiment analysis
  • Disputable: An article automatically judged as referring to disputable information
Q. Cannot translate with Google Translate

A. Some sites cannot be translated by Google Translate website. If you use Google Chrome, you may be able to translate such sites by using the built-in translation tool of the browser. First, click on the link (open_in_new) next to the title of the article that you want to translate. This will open the article from the original website. Then a translation tool dialog box should appear automatically and ask whether Chrome can translate the page or not. In case that the translation tool dialog box does not appear, make sure to enable Chrome's translation tool from the Settings > Advanced > Languages section.