Low-Resource Khmer --> English/French Speech Translation Task



We present the low-resource Khmer to English and French speech translation task.


The purpose of this task is to identify effective techniques for speech translation of Khmer into English and French. We expect that the low-resource nature of Khmer will pose a reasonable challenge. To this end, we have curated a dataset from the ECCC corpus, which is an international court dataset consisting of text and speech in Khmer, English, and French. This dataset has a wide range of speakers: witnesses, defendants, judges, clerks or officers, co-prosecutors, experts, defense counsels, civil parties, and interpreters.


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For general questions, comments, etc. please email to "wat-organizer -at- googlegroups -dot- com". For questions related to this task contact "prajdabre -at- gmail -dot- com" or "chu -at- i -dot- kyoto-u -dot- ac -dot- jp".

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