Japanese-->English Video Guided MT Task for Ambiguous Subtitles



We present the video guided ambiguous subtitle translation task for Japanese --> English translation.


This is a Japanese to English multimodal machine translation task. We provide VISA, an ambiguous subtitles dataset, for training, validation and testing. The dataset contains parallel subtitles in which the Japanese source subtitles are ambiguous and may require visual information in corresponding video clips for disambiguation. Furthermore, according to the cause of ambiguity, the dataset is divided into Polysemy and Omission. Participants can use the standard training data to train their multimodal machine translation system.


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For general questions, comments, etc. please email to "wat-organizer -at- googlegroups -dot- com". For questions related to this task contact "prajdabre -at- gmail -dot- com" or "chu -at- i -dot- kyoto-u -dot- ac -dot- jp".

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