Prof. Luong Chi Mai received her BSc from Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Kishinev University (Soviet Union former) in 1981, and PhD. from the Institute of Information Technology (IOIT) in 1991. She joined to Laboratory of Pattern Recognition, IOIT in 1982. Since then she is working as senior researcher and received Associate Professor in 2005. From 1987-1990, she was working as a visiting fellow in the International Basic Laboratory on Artificial Intelligence, Institute of Cybernetics, Slovak Academy of Science. She currently serves as chairperson of Scientific Committee of IOIT and at the same time as Co-Director of ICT Department of University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (Vietnam-France University). Her research interests include pattern recognition, machine learning, speech recognition, speech synthesis and language technology. She is a member of steering committee of Vietnam Association on Information Processing (VAIP), chairperson of Vietnamese Language and Speech Processing (VLSP). During the last 10 years she has developed with her team a Vietnamese Automatic Speech Recognition System, Vietnamese English S2S translation and participate in international joint researches, including the A-STAR, U-STAR, ASEAN-MT, ALT ASEAN IVO. She has published 80 research papers in her field and received prestigious Kovalevskaia Prize in 2010 for her outstanding contribution for R&D in Vietnam.